DRI Reformer Tube Inspection

Reformer Pipe Scanner OD DRI

One of the most important tasks for a reliable operation of DRI Furnaces is the integrity of the reformer tubes. The early detection of expansion and micro-cracks can lead to improved reformer operation, a better-balanced furnace and better planning of tube replacement, eliminating unnecessary, unplanned outages.

With our latest developed technology in our industry for inspecting reformer tubes is now being introduced as the RPS-OD an external automated scanning system that is equipped with a powerful proprietary hybrid NDT technique for sensitive crack detection in reformer tubes up to 23mm wall thickness that inspects each tube. As the proprietary technique needs no couplet and is not dependent on tube cleanliness, the readings are repeatable from one inspection to the next inspection.

Reformer tube inspection OD crawler. RPS-360-OD
DRI Tube Scanner

Key Benefits:

• 6-point laser inspection over entire length of inspected tube
• Collects millions of data points during each tube inspection
• All recorded data can be used in Reformer Tube Assessment 360
• Repeatable, accurate and fast inspection
• Eddy Current crack detection of each reformer tube
• Manufacturing flaws • Early warning of problems before tube failure
• Provides baseline measurements for new tubes
• Identifies failure mechanisms in individual tubes:
• Creep strain
• Bulging

Result Documentation


• Eddy current result presentation in color scan mode for the entire tube circumference
• Easy identification of defects

Laser Testing

• Evaluation of min., max. and mean diameter for each tube section at the whole circumference (internal reformer tube testing)
• Evaluation of min., max. and mean diameter for each tube section at 3 circumferential positions (external reformer tube testing)
• Comparison of max. diameter to nominal and/or mean diameter for each tube section
• Comparison of data with previous or fingerprint laser testing data (optional)

Reformer tube inspection OD crawler. RPS-360-OD
Reformer Tube Scanner

Remaining Life Assessment (RLA-360)

Remaining Life Assessment of Catalytic Reformer tubes is a complicated task that requires taking into account several different damage mechanisms.
With our proprietary RLA-360 program we’re able to predict remaining tube life in accordance with API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 standard. The program uses data collected from the inspection, both expansion and cracking along with operational data from the plant to help accurately determine the remaining life of each inspected tube.