Reformer Tube Inspection


Know How and Competence

KontrollTechnik is a German company performing eddy current inspection services since 1977. The result of this long experience is its know-how and competence in eddy current Technology and job enforcement. This competence is featured by KontrollTechnik´s steady efforts in research and development of state of the art of testing procedures and equipment for Reformer Tube Inspection and Pipelines.

Worldwide Service

From its German headquarter, French office and US office, KontrollTechnik operates worldwide in power generating industries, chemical plants, refineries, DRI plants, offshore installations and other industries.

Advanced Inspection Technology

KontrollTechnik´s inspection equipment uses only latest generation of computer integrated TMT EddyMax® eddy current data acquisition and signal processing systems. This technology guarantees our customers the combination of highest standard in signal evaluation reliability with economical efficiency.