Customized Inspection

Several inspection tasks need customized solutions depending on geometry, accessibility and general requirements. Due to their high level engineering capacities Kontrolltechnik GmbH together with TMT Test Maschinen Technik GmbH are able to design and manufacture special sensors as well as tools and manipulators to fulfill the requirements for such requests.

Pipe Elbow Scanner Pipe Elbow Scanning Automated scanner for combined eddy current and ultrasonic crack inspection of a pipe elbow in a nuclear power plant.Weldolet Crack Testing High Temperature Crack Inspection
Weld inspection at weldolets during operation (temperature 500°C and higher) using a rugged sensor guidance in a petrochemical plant.
External Pipe Testing Crawler External Pipe Scanning
Remote controlled vehicle for external SLOFEC® pipe scanning reducing the need for scaffolding at difficult access situations.
Eddy Current Component Testing

Component Testing
Manual crack inspection with a shape formed sensor guidance at a high pressure component in food industry.